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You were with your buddies and one of the tech-savvy talked about the private blog networks and you got perplexed on what is a PBN and how it works?

Well, don’t be stressed as you are at the right place where you are going to get all the queries resolved regarding your private blog network.

You run a website and want to elevate the traffic of your site and make its name in the top listings. You heard of PBN but not so sure what it is or how it works, so don’t scratch your head.

Let’s commence with What is a Private Blog Network?”

Fortunately, understanding private blog networks is a piece of cake.

It is infamously known as PBN its full form is rarely being used, that is Private Blog Network.

A private blog network is a tangle of websites that are present only to link to a prime website so that the sole website should achieve domination in the website’s search. A PBN is a network of websites that is used to build connections to a single website for the motive of influencing search engine listings.

How to set up the Private Blog Network?

For private blog network link building, don’t go on a wild goose chase as each step in the technical world requires effort and time. If you want to make your website reach its peak, you must be compassionate enough.

It’s time to increase the traffic on your website as your competitor is far ahead in the website race. Now all you have to do is to first purchase expired and terminated domains that had already constructed a domain authority.

After purchasing and accumulating a large number of domains, you have to post common content to each website and insert a backlink to your central website in all of the content.

And Eureka! They promptly generate gobs of backlinks from high domain authority websites.

At the very moment, your private blog network has been born. And with all those backlinks your domain gains authority and ranks all the benefits.

If you are all new to this field Get yourself a PBN tutorial try to learn by heart and rote. After the private blog networks course, you can feel the winds of change around you that you are going to rock soon!

Benefits of Private Blog Network

You may have got an earful that PBN’s are a scam, they are not much useful and not going to assist your SEO. Well, not everything you hear is true. You have to be practical while handling the technical world.

Private blog networks are successful because of the backlinks. They act as fuel to the generator PBN.

The backlink is a kind of hyperlink that makes its way from an external website to your prime personal website. And these little things are going to provide enormous assistance to your SEO.

Backlinks have a nice talk with the search engine that linked the website, trust your website, and associate itself with your domain which implies that the search engines will have faith in your website.

Search engines try to figure out which website is more trustable and is connected.

PBNs can increase your SEO. That is the prime reason they are used by marketers and this is the real reason why the SEO firms are rich and make lots of money.

Cons of PBNs

Private blog networks are great as they elevate your SEO and help you increase traffic on your website.

But all this strategy will go in vain if Google finds you. In case you are thinking, Yes, Google is not into PBNs and it tries to legally penalize people who are PBN users.

Risks involved in PBNs

As a marketer who uses Private Blog Network, you may expect me to be a little biased but to be honest any site that is dependent on Google could potentially be at the mercy of Google updates and penalties. Link networks have been attacked by Google in the past. It would be stupidity to think it will never hurt the PBN again. 

How to make your own Private Blog Network?

To successfully make a PBN, you need to be a master in updating your website at regular intervals. Because it may be likely that the technique you are using today to make a PBN might not work tomorrow. 

Here are some key tips provided for you to make your PBN last longer!

  • Different hosting: We suggest you locate your website on a different IP address. Most web hosts will only receive a little number of IP addresses that they can give to their clients. While the IP addresses may be a little different you might end up receiving the same ones. In this condition, it is suggested that you should host only one or two domains with the same web host.
  • Different registrars: It is advised that you must purchase domains through different registrars or have the majority of domains through GoDaddy since they have control of most domains. On each of your domains, you should have WhoIs Guard enabled. You must refrain from having any fake and misinterpreted information or details in the WhoIs records. It is vitally important to use the DNS of the individual registrar and resist using one name server for all the domains under your control.
  • Content: It is advised that each of your websites has distinctive SEO valuable content. Avoid spinning content at any cost. Treat every domain in your PBN with the same affection and honor as you behave with your money-making site, by investing in its quality.
  • Linking out: It is very enticing to link out a domain to your money-making site. But this is a footmark and not advised, one PBN site should only link to one money site.
  • Link Profile: Every page must have a maximum of 2-5 outgoing links in which some of the pages should have no links at all. This is to make sure that the link profile remains authentic and does not raise any red flags. All outbound links from your page should go straight to your money-earning website or relevant to your field or niche market. Linking to other websites within your market or niche is extraordinarily important.
  • Embed links: It is advised that you should avoid site-wide links and focus on the links that are embedded in a situational text.
  • Build up the site: When you have created a few pages then link a domain to your money-earning site. Refrain yourself from linking it to websites such as YouTube or Wikipedia and focus all initial links on directly authorized sites in your niche.
  • Anchor texts: It is vital to make use of different anchor texts for your money-making site. If your site is recently developed then you need to make sure that you have branded generic and naked URL links going to your domain before you commence linking from your PBNs. You will be needing a good base of links then use partial match anchors on your PBNs for immediate effect.
  • Site structure: You have to have certain key pages to your website to make sure that you can pass a manual review such as an about page.
  • Use relevant niche: It is highly advised that to keep all PBN sites in the same niche as they were before the domains die. If Google understood that the new site remarkably varies from the original site, the backlinks would be devalued in the search engine system.
  • Don’t advertise: Do not share any information about your domains or do not try to sell a PBN link. You may get caught.

Do PBNs still work? 

You may be scratching your head that in the 21st century Google is smart and the PBNs still work or not. Well, despite what the majority of people think. PBNs still work and they are going to work a long way as backlinks are a ranking factor, some things do not change very easily. They are a blessing in disguise.

A PBN can’t be caught if it is done properly. Google caught some PBNs as they were blogging and marketing about it and they got penalized. 

PBNs are not dead but they are way too risky. You must be very careful while handling a PBN.

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