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In a world where taps are the easiest things to do, getting customers to click or tap on your website is the point of difficulty. Understanding what a person likes or dislikes or comprehending products accordingly can be a problem. However, there comes Neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is a process of marketing where brands try to sell their products or services on the basis of the customers’ behaviour with the help of various tools. It is done by reading the non-conscious actions of the customer and how the buying behaviour of the target audience is affected. Big businesses in varied industries have adapted neuromarketing for their day-to-day business functioning. The positive results offered by the tool have allowed it to be integrated into other industries.

 What are the benefits of neuromarketing in digital marketing?

  • Personalization: 

It can help brands to provide much more personalized products to the customer. It would even help the businesses to reach the prime target audience. This allows digital marketing companies to analyze their client base much more effectively. They can sell products or give services after completely knowing the needs and wants of the customer.

  • Improve user experience:

With the world becoming more internet-reliant, user experience is the key to unlocking customer loyalty. A good experience can boost conversion rates by as much as 400%. With service which is customized to customer’s needs, businesses can optimize their products/ services/ websites more accurately. This ensures a better customer experience and higher conversion rates. 

  • Improve success rates:

Currently, developing a digital marketing strategy depends on a significant amount of guesswork and intuition. Businesses often opt to conduct market research, however, these rarely result in hard statistics. Instead, with neuromarketing tools, businesses can make decisions proactively. These can be based on regularly updating information on the basis of consumer patterns and behaviours.

  • Improve ROI: 

The ROI is the primary metric used by any business to define the success of its marketing strategy. With the tools used for neuromarketing, results and statistics, businesses can optimize their strategy. This increases the ROI and revenue of the business.

  • Increase access to the target audience: 

Machine learning can learn patterns and store data. This can allow businesses to keep track of customer’s non-conscious actions, patterns and trends. This data can be used to reach a customer when they think they require a product, effectively simplifying marketing.

 Neuromarketing holds various benefits for businesses. In digital marketing, it can easily be used to create smart content that can be optimized according to the reader’s current requirements. For digital marketing, Malaysia and Singapore-based agencies can create optimized and memorable content. This can then attract the attention of local clientele, effectively increasing their ROI.

 Now that we’ve understood the advantages of Psychological marketing in digital marketing, let’s understand its applications.

 How Neuromarketing will become an integral part of Digital Marketing Strategy

 Neuromarketing has varied future applications. It can be used through a varied phase in a customer’s journey with the brand. The most popular of these neuromarketing applications  are given below: 

  • Unmanned customer service

One of the biggest applications of AI is chatbots. This application is already employed by millions of businesses over the world, but it has unexplored potential. Chatbots occupy a unique role in marketing and customer service. Since these are online 24×7, they can provide good quality customer service to all clients.

 With the amount of data that can be collected like mood, likes, dislikes, conversation pattern, etc, all this can be used by chatbot software to replicate human-like speech. The natural learning process can be used by the chatbot to provide after-sales service or even promote other services.

  • Relevant content creation

 SEO rules demand businesses to publish blogs, articles and guest posts to stay relevant. For this task, most businesses have to employ a team of content writers or outsource the work to content writing agencies. While AI is currently in a very early stage, and not likely to replace human emotion by developing content using technology anytime soon.

What Neuromarketing will help develop a strategy to write content as relevant as possible to your target audience. Data points like preferences, motivation and customer mood will help you share the right content at the right time through the right mode.

  •  Voice and visual search

Google voice search and Google Lens are two popular voice and visual search engines. These search methods are just the basic stage of the technology. While these technologies are still in the Beta-phase, they will be developed and rolled out in future imitating a sense of emotional intelligence in technology which will help users connect better and get faster and intellectual solutions without the need to type every single search.

 This will play a major role in the future of digital marketing. Businesses will have to develop optimized content to better their visibility on search engine pages. This means businesses will have to keep track of keywords and SEO for written, visual and spoken content.

  •  Content and product recommendations

 One of the biggest advantages of AI is its ability to self-learn. This means, when AI gets enough information about the customer data, it can predict customer expectations. Artificial Intelligence in combination with Neuromarketing can then be used to create product and content recommendation lists. When it is paired with other technologies or smart devices,  advertisements can be personalized to another level.

 For example, let us assume a healthcare company has access to data from Apple Watch. The data can be used to interpret and recommend healthcare products based on user activity. The AI can customize listings according to user moods, habits and even likes and dislikes. This effectively takes digital marketing to the next step.

Social media is a platform where brands and influencers have started showing their highest outreach. While promoting a brand on social media now every brand takes into consideration this modern method of marketing as human psychology is what makes or breaks a deal. There is a continuous attempt between the businesses to find an unfailing technique of making an ad and executing it successfully. Neuromarketing is just another effort. Brands take the help of tools to diagnose the color, memory, emotional attributes, visual impacts etc. of the customer and influence the buyer’s behaviour. To read more on Neuromarketing, you can go to  cxl.com

There is no question that AI can have a long-lasting impact on the way we view marketing and brands. However, with a smart digital marketing partner, it is possible to make any business visible. Digital marketing in Malaysia for any business can be empowered by partnering with Daiki Media. As a digital marketing and SEO agency in Kuala Lumpur, we have an accurate understanding of modern methods of marketing as they arise. Using our expertise to your advantage, you can keep your business up to date with the local as well as global trends.


Lukesh Pillaii

As an experienced Marketing Director, Growth Hacker, and Customer Acquisition Specialist with a strong background in leading successful marketing teams, I specialize in developing and executing effective marketing strategies that drive business growth and increase ROI. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, I have a deep understanding of various industries, including fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain, forex, healthcare, insurance, MNCs, and startups.

I hold a Master of Business Administration (Candidate) in Entrepreneurship & Human Resources from Excel International College and a Bachelor of Information Technology in Information Systems from Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

My track record of success includes generating millions of dollars in revenue, driving millions of organic SEO traffic, and gaining thousands of followers on social media through a full spectrum of marketing strategies. My expertise lies in developing and executing marketing plans that align with business objectives and goals, increasing brand awareness, driving sales, and improving customer engagement.

I am passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques and have a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth and increasing online visibility through various digital channels such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Key achievements include:

Generating $2 Million in revenue through email marketing in less than a year (Klaviyo | Netcore | MailChimp)
Consistently driving ROI | ROAS of 20-30 times monthly through Facebook/Google and other digital advertisements
Growing 2M - 3M SEO organic traffic
Gaining 80K new followers on company social media channels through a full spectrum of social media marketing strategies and creating engaging content
Innovating a solution to resolve challenging desktop, application, networking, and infrastructure issues, reducing annual spending by $1k as an intern at Aptech Malaysia.
I am proficient in a variety of digital marketing tools and platforms, including social media management, SEO, SMM, SEA, SEM, brand development, content marketing, and web development.

If you're looking for a highly motivated and results-driven marketing professional with global experience as a Marketing Director or CMO, please contact me at lukesh@daikimedia.com to discuss how I can help grow your business.


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