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Ever wondered why people spend a lot of money on tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, etc. When there is a tool named “Google Trends” which you can use free of charge for keyword research?

Let’s read through this piece of informative article and edify yourself about the world of statistics, search volumes, and most importantly keywords. 

The most common and essential key feature of social media posts, local SEO and general SEO have one thing in common, which is the keywords used in the content. These keywords are generated after well research and used in the content to make the users’ lives more efficient and increase the impression by the general public. Keyword research can be done through various tools and one of the most commonly used tools to research the keywords is Google Trends. Although it wasn’t solely for this purpose, it has been used by many digital marketers to find relevant and trending keywords. This amazing tool helps in finding the relevance of any term or topic in the world and displays credible and updated statistics for the terms. These relevant terms or topics are later used as keywords that help websites gain more clicks and views by the public. 

What is Google Trends? 

Google Trends first came into existence on 11th May 2006. It was made to provide users, anonymized statistics of search requests made for different search volumes. In simpler language, if you ever wonder “How do I find what’s trending on Google”, this amazing tool will depict you the statistics of trending topics and the spike in searches for any term or topic. Let’s try to understand it with 2020 examples. 

  • Coronavirus – For 2020, the most searched term was coronavirus for obvious reasons. The spike in coronavirus searches went up and did not get down at all. Other terms related to the COVID-19 pandemic which were searched a lot were COVID-19 Malaysia, COVID-19 cases, Vaccine, etc.
  • Most searched personality – The most searched person for the year 2020 was then, The Presidential election candidate and now the President of the United States, Joe Biden.
  • Stress – 2020 was a depressive and bleak year and the most searched term describes it the best. Many people lost their sleep due to stress and experience things that disrupted their sleep cycle drastically, which is why “Insomnia” was searched more than ever in 2020.
  • For a change – The negativity outside made us do a little soul searching inside. “How to be anti-racist” was searched more throughout the year than “How to be a millionaire” which says a lot about how 2020 also changed some things for the good.

These were a few trends that boomed throughout 2020 and had a huge impact on the world. Whetherthatthey are good or bad is not permanent, but the impact they leave can be seen for a long time.

How to use it? 

Well, it’s a no-brainer, even a kid can learn it quickly!

Google Trends is not at all complex and very easy to use. The website has been designed in such a manner that even a kid can use it and retrieve results in a fun and informative way. To use Google Trends you just have to go to the website and open it. Subsequently, you will see a search bar in it where you can type any term or topic about which you’re trying to see results. A graph will display the searched peak and curve depicting how much the term was searched throughout the year and which specific month or day or week it was searched the most. 

Google Trends for Keywords

If you are looking for keywords that you want to put in your content, perhaps Google Trends is the best option for you to pick the most relevant and useful keywords. You just have to search various terms and lines which are related to your topic and the ones which have a high search rate and are the most relevant will be ideal to be your keywords. This is how you use Google Trends for Keywords, just search different terms until you get a good amount of relevant terms. 

Google Trends for content 

Google Trends can be used to create amazing content with keywords that can attract more visitors to the website. These keywords are very valuable and can easily help you shoot high through skyrocketing the number of clicks. Down below we have mentioned the aspects of this tool in terms of content. 

  • Finding keywords – You can easily find keywords that are gaining search requests and are becoming popular throughout the world. These keywords can be used in your content so your website can ride the popularity wave of those keywords as well. These popular keywords attract more visits by the public to your website with the help of their popularity. Whenever people search for those specific terms in Google, your article or website also shows up among other articles with the same keywords.
  • Finding Breakout keywords – Breakout keywords are the most popular keywords there can be. Google classifies a keyword as breakout when the search volume of that keyword exceeds 5000%.

These breakout keywords can easily boom your website and welcome such an extent of public views which you have never experienced before.

Apart from these elements, many other trends can be found through this tool, which will not only make your content read-worthy but also one with more views. 

Examples of using Google Trends

The biggest and most recent example of using Google Trends is this very same article that you are reading. This article was also made after thorough research of keywords that have been added to this article to make it easier for us to attract an audience. The most amazing thing about keywords is that if you smartly add keywords to your content, it does not hamper the quality of your content as it is difficult to differentiate between keywords and normal terms in the article. For this article, we also searched various keywords on Google Trends and took note of all those terms and lines which are gaining popularity and more search volume. The content which has keywords of a large search volume can be quite successful in gaining more views and search requests than any other.  

Another example of using this tool can be coronavirus and how the search requests of the term have grown a lot since 2020 and have not curved ever since. We may not know what is coming next in 2021 but the trends that peaked throughout last year can surely influence Google Trends in 2021. Google Trends for 2021 in the USA has shown a rise in searches for YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail whereas it in India displayed a rise in search terms such as Coronavirus and Oxygen in 2021 so far. 

Still, having trouble getting enough clicks on your website even after carrying out keyword selection properly? Well, to quote Mr Neil Patel, Founder, NP Digital “When it comes to building a personal brand, you’ll have to take the opposite approach of most people in your space. Whatever is working for them won’t work for you.” Do the opposite and be innovative with your content and keyword selection. To get a deeper insight into the world of SEO and keyword selection, read this.

Fun facts 

Now that we have gotten deep insight into what this amazing tool by Google can do let’s take out some time to look at some of the unique facts surrounding this website. 

  • Free of Cost – Yes! Google Trends is a free tool that anyone can use to retrieve information in the form of graphs about any term or any query. You can find out the popular searches on Google, the trending topics, the most famous person, or even the most famous dog for free. This has been an amazing advantage as even kids who usually can’t afford to buy software to search for various information on topics can easily carry out their work through it.
  • Opportunities it provides – Google Trends has become an important part of businesses around the world. You can easily see the popularity of your competitor through this tool and create strategies accordingly.
  • Most searched thing on Google – The most searched thing on Google has been and is still Youtube. With a search volume of more than 1.4 Billion, we can easily say that YouTube is the most searched thing on Google.
  • How it became what it is today – Many of us may not know this but Google Trends was not always this way and it is a result of many changes and modifications which have been made over the years. In 2008 Google introduced Google insights to provide data on users’ search trends in an advanced way, but on September 27, 2012, Google Trends and Google insights were combined, and ever since Google Trends became what it is today.

Google has improved a lot since it was introduced to the world and many useful tools which have made our life better and easier. Without Google and the tools, it offers, conducting even the most trivial tasks can be difficult for us. This mind-blowing tool is a fine example of how Google has given us a platform and a medium to connect with the world and gain more knowledge. 


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