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Online shopping fears

You have seen people being scared of empty closed spaces, horror movies, but there exists another kind of fear in the world of technology, wait, what? Fear in the technical world seems like all Greek to you!

Let’s clear the bamboozlement!

E-commerce fear is a specific fear that appears due to trust issues on the online mode of purchasing. A minority of people are completing their chores through online mode. It has been rightly said that trust is the most expensive thing in the world, which results in profit and loss. Some E-commerce websites are touching the skies owing to the trust gained of the audience while some of the companies are not even in the race that is also due to the trust factor.

According to the reports of the “CyberSource survey, 73% of the respondents have a sense of feeling that shopping online is more perilous than shopping offline, many people get jittery while selecting things online and later come back to offline shopping. They are also concerned about the new or unknown sites.

There is various kind of persona factors which pushes forward and backwards to the customers:

  • Cost-conscious customers, who are hunting for the best deal.
  • The one who researches the viewpoint of the other, what they are thinking about that stuff.
  • Some customers want everything easy, they need a convenient purchasing method.
  • Some are addicted to one brand only, they never want to experience new or can say they are brand loyal consumers.

These were some personalized factors or kind of fear which affects the e-commerce system.

What are the fears of the people for online shopping?

There are a plethora of fears which affect the targeted audience. The fears are the major factors that are responsible for the e-commerce website’s profit and loss.

Let’s know what are the fears that prolong poking the customers.

  • Is your business genuine?

This fear occurs due to the graphics of the website, some websites give the feel of retro days which raises doubt in the mind. The unattractive designs, the poor user interface, tons of advertisements, and bad user interface are the examples that raise fear and doubt in the mind. This kind of website is not frequently visited and trusted by customers.

How to resolve this fear?

Make sure that your website looks authentic and clear, the layouts should be captivating and trust gaining. Try to build faith in the potential customers and stop them from bouncing away before even they have looked at the offers you are giving. Making your website all attractive and authentic because people believe what they see, not what they hear. To construct credibility for your website, you must link your website to the social media platforms, especially the ones you are active on, it will open multiple channels of communication with the targeted audiences. You are advised to keep the ‘about us’ section updated, as it will be easy for the customers to know about you and to connect with you.

  • Is it safe to shop? 

There are tons of scams happening in the digital world such as identity theft, internet scams, security breaches, financial fraud, to name a few. That is why purchasing online while filling in the card details is a little risky for the audience, and can create a moment of panic.

How to resolve this fear? 

You can fade away this fear by constructing usage of trust signals, logos of external accreditors who ensure that it is safe to shop on your site. Some famed ones are McAfee, Verisign, PayPal, TRUSTe, and BBB. Well-known and trusted gateways for instance- PayPal or Google pay develop assurance in the mind of customers because they are widely used. On the next best step you are advised to include a secure socket layer button and privacy policy in your website, which will clearly state that the customer’s information is not going to be misused and are taken for authentic reasons.

  • Will I like this product? Or suitable for me or not?

This is a constant fear that keeps running in the mind of the customers and pushes them away. It happens because they don’t know much about the product, and without looking or taking a feel, the customers leave the website.

How to resolve this fear?

Your website must be best in two aspects that are reading and seeing, because tons of audience visits for checking the items, like from where it should be perfect to buy, to make sure your customer would not leave the page, you need to upload high-quality content and product information so that the customers can assess the details properly.

Ensure that the pictures of the products you are posting, in reality, match with the quality, otherwise you will start losing potential customers.

  • Hey! Is there anyone to talk to? Hello, is anyone there?

The biggest loophole in the E-commerce world is that the purchasing process only involves the customer and the computer, there is no third party present. The salesperson in offline shopping clears all the doubts and motivates the customers to buy that product by building trust in them.

How to resolve this fear?

You can address this issue by displaying the phone number or username of Skype prominently on the homepage and instruct your customer care executive to go beyond the scripted things and make the customer comfortable. 

You can also go for online chat options and FAQs or a help guide will do the needful.

If you are running a website but it’s been a while since you gain customers, don’t despair as the world of technology has so much to offer you, for instance- cxl.com will assist you in numerous ways if you think you are being pushed backwards in the E-commerce universe, but you can come forward by learning new measures and taking vital instructions and guidance by it.


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