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If we ask you what’s the one thing which can leave a significant impact on a company’s online presence, what would that one thing be? The answer will surely be the website. The website of a company holds the key to the credibility of the brand and plays a great role in making a company known online. After the Back-end developer of a website, what a person looks forward to most is what happens in the Front-end development part. Web designing falls under Front-end development and it is a crucial stage that decides the fate of your website and your overall brand image. Here, we go about custom web design.

What is meant by Custom Page? 

A custom page allows you to use a different design from your regular pages in WordPress. A number of WordPress sites have layouts for all kinds of pages which you can use while making your own website. A custom page helps you inculcate your brand’s message immaculate into the website to depict your brand’s image. 

Importance of Custom Web Design

A custom web design carries the great responsibility of depicting your brand’s image through the website. A custom web design makes your website stand out from the crowd and eradicates the necessity of using a pre-designed template. A custom made web design helps your company make a great impact on the audience through unique and captivating elements. 

Advantages of Custom Web Design

Now that we have gone over the importance of using custom web design for your website, let’s go over the advantages which come with this great tool. 

Uniqueness:- Everything about the custom website design is unique. One of the main reasons why people are drawn to custom made website designs is because of their uniqueness. Custom web designs are unique and new, which gives your company’s website a chance to stand out from the crowd. 

Budget-friendly:- Custom-made website designs are also not expensive and are a better pick than templates when it comes to being cost-effective. 

SEO friendly:- One of the key advantages of custom website designs is the ability to be SEO friendly. It is easier to prepare your website with SEO techniques according to yourself with this option. 

Control:- When you have a custom made web design, you hold the control and ownership of the design and code of your website.  

Over the top branding:- With custom made website design, you can also select the way you want your brand to be portrayed. This gives you an edge over others and a chance to control the online branding strategy of your company. 

Growth:- You are also able to add visuals and texts in any way you like to. Custom web design enables you to pick your visuals and immaculately portray your brand through your website. 

These were a few advantages of custom website design which makes your website more amazing and captivating. If you are planning to use a custom website design for your website, do note that these are the advantages it will bring to you on the table. 

How much does it cost to build a website? 

Building a website isn’t cheap, but it can be counted as an asset, not a liability. Investing in your company’s website can be very beneficial for your company and your company’s overall online presence. Building a proper website also takes time and effort as well. After the content gets selected for the new website, the designers are given the “SITEMAP” which helps them understand where to put what content. It’s a complex and time taking process that requires a lot of attention to detail. Most web designers charge by the hour to create the website. The most common charge for them is from $50-$200 per hour. A simple website custom design can cost you around $10,000 – $15,000 easily.  

With time, the demand for graphic designers has grown exponentially. Due to the switch from offline to online, many businesses have now shifted their focus on building their brand image sturdy online. This has made the demand for graphic design go above the roof. 

Factors that should be kept in mind when getting a new website built

Whenever you get a new website to create your or your company’s image online or to deliver the overall message of your business to your audience, you shouldn’t miss out on these points. 

Content:- One of the most important things for a website is the content. You can’t convey the message of your brand online properly if you don’t have proper content. You need content to compliment your work and to have the essence of your overall brand. 

Brand tone:- If you want your website to stand out from the rest of the crowd and to carry features that make it more different from others, pick a tone and voice which can make your website better and different from others. 

Visuals:- Visuals are another crucial thing when it comes to sending a brand’s message. Pick a colour theme that you think can be most apt to your brand’s voice and go with it. One of the most common colour schemes is purple and white. Once you are done selecting the colours, you can move onto the image selection. Selecting the images which compliment your content is not that easy. Find images that are most suitable and share them with the designers to work on. 

SITEMAP:- To perfectly explain to the designers “what you want”, you need to prepare a neat Sitemap that can help them understand what goes where. Try to prepare a sitemap that is straightforward to understand for the web designer. 

These were the few points which you shouldn’t miss out on when you get your website. A website holds the key to the online success of your company and you need to focus on every single detail meticulously. 

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