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Your business’ logo is a crucial part of your business’ identity. Without a well-fitting logo, your customers may not associate your business with your products. This means it will become difficult for you to create brand awareness among your customers. Before we understand the importance of a logo, let us look at some frequently asked questions about logo design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is logo design?

Logo design is the process of creating a perfect visual mark for a business. This logo is often a symbol of your brand and will be featured on all social media and web pages. 

What are some popular logo design ideas?

Logo design ideas are often derived from the business’ function, culture, location, vision, or products. Therefore, it can be black and white or colorful. It varies from business to business and is often trademarked.

Is logo design easy?

Unfortunately, it’s is not easy. Since a lot of thought and future rests on a single design, your logo needs to be well thought out. Most brands don’t change their logo, the reason for this is simple: a logo change often affects customer retention. Therefore, the logo you select in the initial phase may be the one your business will use for decades to come.

Can you hire someone to design your logo?

Yes, it is possible to hire graphic designers or digital marketers to design your logo. Digital marketing firms often have a team of graphic designers who can provide you with various designs. This ensures you get many options and you can then select the best.

Designing a logo for a business is not a small task. But if logo designing isn’t easy and requires expertise, why should you invest in it? 

Why does your business need a logo?

Association and recognition

Logos are an excellent way of associating your business, products, services, social media, and brand together. Your logo can be used on all your products, stationery, advertisements, and social media posts. In time, your logo can be used as a branding item that showcases your culture and strength. This ensures the customer can immediately recognize your product from a lineup.

Promises consistency

An average person operates 8 social media accounts. To make your business stand out from the competition, your business will have just as many social media accounts that work cohesively. Using the same logo on each of these accounts ensures your customers can easily connect the two accounts and verify the information. This ensures an overall consistency on all your accounts.

First impression

Most people look at a brand’s logo before they look at the name. Your logo is an opportunity to create a lasting first impression on your customers. An eye-catching logo can intrigue your clients and take them to the next step in the buyer’s journey. The design images you choose should show cohesiveness between your brand and the logo.

Brand loyalty

Customer retention is an important factor for all businesses. With a brand logo, you provide consistency that can be translated to brand loyalty. When your customer sees your logo, they will associate your values, culture, and ethics with the product. Therefore, if you wish to improve your customer retention, creating a brand logo that defines your identity is a simple but steady fast way.

Designing a logo online

Can you design a logo online? How can I create a free business logo?

Many logo design software is available. These can be used to design logos online. These include a range of paid and free templates that can be used. Websites that provide free logo design services rarely provide unique ideas that you can use to build your brand’s logo.

Which app is best for logo design?

There are over a hundred options for online logo design websites that can be used. However, these websites provide a set template that you can customize. Since several businesses use these templates, your final design may look very similar to that of your competition. Therefore, it is good to go for a custom logo design from a designer who provides services like logo design Malaysia.

If you wish to develop a unique design for your logo, here are six strategies to help you out.

6 Strategies to develop a unique logo

Whether you use a logo design app or hire a designer, having a unique logo should be your goal. Follow these six strategies to get the best logo design for your business.

Define your brand

The first step to developing a unique logo is defining your brand. You should define your brand on various parameters: products, goals, ethics, personality, and values. Since your brand reflects the answer to all these questions, keeping these in mind will set you in the right direction. 

Search for inspiration 

Logo designs don’t just pop out of thin air. Even if you have a basic idea of what your logo should reflect, it is necessary to search for inspiration. Inspiration shouldn’t necessarily be drawn from logos. Instead, you should look at all types of art: paintings, photography, sculptures, etc. 

Create an ideation board

An ideation board is an excellent tool that can be used in the later stages of design. On this board, you can add any idea, color, font, the image that you think can be associated with your brand. This doesn’t have to be a physical board. Virtual boards like Pinterest are just as effective. 

Do thorough market research

Understanding your competitors is the key to making unique logos. Do thorough market research to understand what types and kinds of logos have already been used. This will help narrow down things you do and don’t like. Furthermore, it will understand what you use in your design.

Find the right type

Logos can be of various types:

  1. Pictorial. Ex: Nike
  2. Monogram. Ex: CNN
  3. Wordmark. Ex: Logo
  4. Mascot. Ex: KFC
  5. Emblem. Ex: Converse

It can also be a combination of two or more types given above. You should find the type you want for your business.

Experiment as much as possible

Even after you decide on a type of logo, the journey won’t be simple. Therefore, you should experiment with various styles, sizes, ratios, and pallets. Keep an open mind during the designing process and you’ll be able to find a logo that suits you.

These are the six strategies that will help you build a unique logo that will stand out among all competition.

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