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How does a landing page works?

Businesses have various kinds of goals that they try to achieve with the help of different mediums. But what if a business has a specific short-term goal that needs to be fulfilled? What can they do to address a specific problem or objective? A landing page is a vehicle that helps to achieve these specific goals. 

In this article, we will cover: 

  1. What is a landing page?
  2. How does a landing page work?
  3. Optimizing a landing page
  4. How to design one? 

What is a landing page?

Think of a landing page as a station or airport where a user lands after clicking on a digital location. This station or airport has only one door that the user will walkthrough.

A landing page is a conversion tool that is used to fulfil a particular call to action. This call to action can be of various forms like filling out a customized form, downloading a document, reading a blog, or buying a product.

These web pages are designed to eliminate the element of distraction for the users. Normally, when your audience visits your homepage, they are exposed to a lot of options and links.

In such a situation, it can be difficult to get a particular action to be fulfilled as the user can get distracted by various links. 

On the other hand, landing pages contain no navigation and are structured for a single purpose. As a result, there are minimal chances that an audience will be confused about the reason why they are on a page.

Landing pages can typically be of two types: 

Lead generation or Click-through

Lead generation landing pages collect valuable user information in exchange for a service. With the help of automation tools, this information can be collected and processed to provide valuable market information. Marketers use this user information to improve their marketing strategy and ROI (return on investment).

In the case of Click-through landing pages, they are designed to fulfil a call to action, usually with the help of buttons. For example: Registering for a Webinar or buying a product. Generally, the content featured in these types of pages is persuasive and engaging for the consumers.

How does a landing page work?

Now that you know what a landing page is, you might be wondering how it works? 

Since landing pages are structured for a clear purpose, they are a great way to drive traffic to your site. More traffic directly translates to more leads and a better conversion rate

Additionally, these pages can be utilized to communicate directly with your consumers. You can understand valuable consumer insights as well consumer behaviour with the help of such types of web pages.

Optimizing a landing page 

Since landing pages tend to get the limelight, it is essential to optimize them in the best possible way for maximum returns.

  • Get to the point

One of the biggest blunders that you can make with a landing page is not being honest with your customers. If your customers are clicking on a link expecting something and they get served something else, you will end up losing credibility.

Landing pages should always be clear, concise and to the point. They should have a clear goal that is easily translated to the user who lands on the page. 

At the same time, being concise does not mean compromising on quality. On the contrary, since you are speaking in limited words, make sure they add value to the customers.

  • Backlinks

Investing time to earn backlinks, will add more traffic and credibility to your landing page. Backlinks translate to trust, as a result, they are effective tools of optimization.

  • Keywords

We don’t want all of our efforts to go down the drain by having a landing page that is invisible to our target audience. With that in mind, keyword research is an important step to building a good landing page.

For example, if you are a bag making company, it is important to utilize keywords that will target your desired audience and get them to notice your landing page.

  • Traffic management

Nowadays, businesses are spoilt for choice to promote themselves. Which makes it clear that our audience can land on our page from different platforms. 

For this reason, it is a good practice to keep the message on the landing page tailored to the kind of audience landing on the page.

  • Run A/B testing

A/B testing is an effective strategy to increase the efficiency of a landing page. This will make it easier to experiment and understand which element or copy is garnering customer attention. Where should be the call to action button placement and on which exact step are you losing the consumer’s attention?

How to design a landing page?

There are a few key elements that you should focus on when you decide to build your landing page.

  • Define your goal in the headline

A catchy headline is essential to grasp the user’s attention and convince them to stay on the page. Make sure to design the headline by keeping your goals in mind.

The headline, subheading and meta description should make use of keywords for better targeting and search visibility.

  • Clear Call To Action 

The call to action is probably the most important element of your landing page. No matter how attractive of a web page you design, if your call to action is not clear and highlighted to the user, all your efforts are gone to waste. 

  • Social proof

A landing is more effective if it can provide proof of its credibility. Consumer reviews speak in a positive way with the audience and increase the chances of conversion. Adding testimonials and reviews to your landing page will make the page more attractive and user friendly.

  • Contact information

You should always encourage your audience to contact you and clear their queries. This helps to build a communication channel between you and your potential customers. Always add the contact options on your landing pages and direct them to take action.


Lukesh Pillaii

As an experienced Marketing Director, Growth Hacker, and Customer Acquisition Specialist with a strong background in leading successful marketing teams, I specialize in developing and executing effective marketing strategies that drive business growth and increase ROI. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, I have a deep understanding of various industries, including fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain, forex, healthcare, insurance, MNCs, and startups.

I hold a Master of Business Administration (Candidate) in Entrepreneurship & Human Resources from Excel International College and a Bachelor of Information Technology in Information Systems from Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

My track record of success includes generating millions of dollars in revenue, driving millions of organic SEO traffic, and gaining thousands of followers on social media through a full spectrum of marketing strategies. My expertise lies in developing and executing marketing plans that align with business objectives and goals, increasing brand awareness, driving sales, and improving customer engagement.

I am passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and techniques and have a proven track record of success in driving revenue growth and increasing online visibility through various digital channels such as SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

Key achievements include:

Generating $2 Million in revenue through email marketing in less than a year (Klaviyo | Netcore | MailChimp)
Consistently driving ROI | ROAS of 20-30 times monthly through Facebook/Google and other digital advertisements
Growing 2M - 3M SEO organic traffic
Gaining 80K new followers on company social media channels through a full spectrum of social media marketing strategies and creating engaging content
Innovating a solution to resolve challenging desktop, application, networking, and infrastructure issues, reducing annual spending by $1k as an intern at Aptech Malaysia.
I am proficient in a variety of digital marketing tools and platforms, including social media management, SEO, SMM, SEA, SEM, brand development, content marketing, and web development.

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