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How to Effectively Use Persuasion in Online Marketing?

Why do you consistently fail to progress beyond your first date or even getting a date?

Have you been applying for a lot of jobs on LinkedIn, but you are not getting shortlisted?

Your Copy or CTA might be underperforming, or it might need an intense rework.

Here are the common errors many marketers make when they develop their (CTA) Call To Action.


First – Maybe it’s hard to find Your LinkedIn profile description?

Second – Confusing and/or it’s too complicated.

Third – The language used isn’t working for your audience?

Fourth – You might be asking too much?


What else could it be?

COLOURS TOO! A subtle colour may not grab the user’s attention.

Here are a few tips to boost conversion,


Give a little and receive a little – People, by nature, feel obligated to grant discounts or concessions to others if they have received favours from those same people, according to the concept of reciprocity. Psychology explains this by emphasizing that individuals despise feeling obliged to others!

The best example would be the Daiki Media Website. The website is concentrated on blogs, which are only dedicated to providing my readers with ideas, advice, and suggestions on how to be more successful.

People desire to live up to their beliefs – Humans have a strong need to be perceived as consistent, according to the principle of commitment. As a result, once we’ve made a public promise to something or someone, we’re considerably more likely to follow through on it (hence, consistency).

I follow consistency by persuading visitors to commit to something relatively little (and usually free), such as a guide or white paper; they are more likely to consider themselves as clients at a later date.

There’s nothing quite like having your actions affirmed by the actions of others – People do what they see other people do, which is referred to as social proof. One of the most effective ways to employ social proof is through what is known as “wisdom-of-the-crowds.”

This principle has a stronger impact on us if:

  • We’re not sure who we are.
  • People we observe appear to be similar to us.

For example, if our coworkers work late, we’re more likely to do so as well. We’re more likely to try a restaurant if it’s always overcrowded.

You will obey me! – Have you ever wondered why humans have a strong need to obey authority figures, even if they are deceitful and ask others to perform objectionable acts? It’s in our nature!

Job titles (e.g., Dr.) and uniforms give the user an aura of authority, making the typical individual more likely to believe what they say. This can be seen in commercials that, for example, feature doctors as the face of their advertising efforts.

The more you like someone, the more they will persuade you – Liking is centred upon sharing something similar or superficial, such as physical appeal. A business seeking to enhance conversion rates should establish a comprehensive “About Us” page. That may seem strange, but it makes sense when you consider that a company’s “About Us” page is an opportunity to inform potential customers about the parallels between its employees and site users. As resemblance is a significant component of an efficient “About Us” page is essential.

When you believe there is a scarcity of anything… You want it more than ever! – The perception that things are more attractive when their availability is limited is characterized as scarcity. We’re more likely to buy something if we’re told it’s the “last one” or that a “special deal” is about to expire. In short, we don’t want to be left out, and the fear of missing out is a tremendous drive to act quickly.

Before even speaking about CTA, what makes a user or yourself click on one?

Allow me to share a recent experience when many fellow Malaysians rushed to register their vaccination slowly on a website.


That time due to urgency or the fear of missing out, I want to do it too!

I quickly went to the site and faced a nightmare. The poor loading speed, long-form to fill, and CTA button weren’t even working. I tried multiple times, but I lost my motivation to do so again.

This happened to many Malaysians a few weeks back. Trust me, it was frustrating.

If you look at this from a digital marketing standpoint, my motivation was high, but the ability goes down due to the website issue, which results in no conversion!

Here is another example when a user is googling for a digital marketing agency here in Malaysia to assist the company in increasing online organic traffic due to tight competition in the market. This user clicked on the Daiki media website URL since it’s on the first page and listing and the user converted with the firm intention in mind, some solid social proof on the website, and a simple sign-up process on


Of course, as with other aspects of social psychology, individual outcomes may vary. Appealing to these connections will increase your chances of convincing (converting) your audience, but your site should be usable, functional, and intuitive.

Pay close attention to the people who are interacting with you. Find out what they are and how you could get them on your website. Don’t be afraid to offer a free sample or two to your potential customers, and be sure to let them know if your products will be unavailable for a long time or at specific costs.

You’ll see a spike in conversions if you act efficiently. Before it’s too late, take action today!

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